Tribute Investments operates in the world of temporary spaces, focusing primarily on long-term use. Tribute Investments was established in 2003 with Tribute Space, which still provides (semi-)permanent units and containers for sale and rent. We focus ourselves in particular on the Benelux market, but during the years we have also established several projects in the rest of Europe. After many years of cooperation, in May 2013 we have started a partnership with the Italian company Precamp Srl.

Facts count, words don’t! That’s our mentality. We coordinate everything from our main office in the burgundian Brabant in the south of the Netherlands, and we have our own factory in Parma, Italy. Tribute Investments is able to think, plan and provide the best solution in agreement with the customer.


Tribute Space, founded in 2003, focusses on the rent and sale of temporary housing solutions. Our principles are: service, high quality and sharp prices. From our headoffice in Klundert, Netherlands, we coordinate the stocking of the accomodations and the execution of various projects through the entire Benelux.

Precamp Srl, established in the North Italian city Noceto, near Parma, has over 40 years of experience in the production of customized units. In addition to the extensive range on the European market Precamp also exports its units in the rest of the world. Since May 2013, Tribute Investments has started a partnership with this company.

Containerbrackets.nl was founded in 2009 in order to offer a racking system providing flexibility and efficient space arrangement: in a few minutes a standard container will be equipped with easily insert- and removable scaffolding.

Units.tk is part of the Tribute Investments Group and a leading company in the services of temporary housing solutions. The many years of experience we have in this field also reflects itself in the range of products we offer in our webshop. The keywords are: quality, clarity and fast delivery. As well as the delivery of (standardized) units, Unit.tk can also take care of various kinds of additional facilities. 

Containers.tk is part of the Tribute Investments Group and a leading company in the services of temporary (stocking)containers. In addition to the delivery of containers, Container.tk is also the supplier of the furniture on the inside. The keywords are: quality, clarity and fast delivery.


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